Get Hyped: June 2018

June 2018 is probably going to kill me. This year is just crazy and this month is a perfect example. Too many good sneakers and not enough time and money to get them all!

vapor fly.jpg

Nike Be True Zoom Fly

Be True Zoom Fly – I wasn’t in love with this at first. Then I saw the pink triangle on the heel and I think my heart almost stopped. Lots of brands use rainbow colours and motifs to support the LGBT community during pride but I’m not sure many big brands have used the pink triangle. That symbol has always been more emotional and political and significant to me. The rainbow is fun. The triangle is a symbol of persecution and death and resilience. I might need a bit of time to process how I feel about it being on a sneaker.


Nike Be True Air Max 270

Be True Air Max 270 – This was the sneaker in the collection that I was initially attracted too. I love the 270 and the use of lavender here is inspired. It’s also a meaningful choice that demonstrates a connection to the community that slapping a rainbow on something just doesn’t.


Travis Scott Jordan 4

Travis Scott x Jordan 4 – I love this colourway and I love the Jordan 4. This is a must cop for me (if I get lucky at retail)



Off-White Jordan UNC

Off-White x Jordan 1 UNC – So far my history with this sneaker has been bad thanks to the SNKRS order cancellation but I have high hopes I will take the W in the end.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.23.41 PM.png

Off-White x Nike Presto – This is my #1 sneaker target this month. I like this the most of any of the Off-White collabs since the original 10. I want it so much! Preparing for a solid month of tracking down info and entering raffles and getting suckered into Twitter rumours. Including the rumour that this won’t release till July.