What is “hype less”?

I started this blog about a year ago, mostly because I found that my Instagram captions were getting too long to be readable. I figured that I would give it a try, see whether I actually had anything to say, see if I could actually maintain a blog for more than a month. When I was a kid, I was always full of enthusiasm to start a new diary and would commit fully to new entries for days but always failed before a week was over. The fact that I have kept this up (even sporadically) is a big personal accomplishment. I have been writing entirely for myself. I have no sense of audience and I really don’t care if anyone reads this (although its nice when people do).

A couple of months ago I began to think about something that I think is threading through most of these blog posts (and IG posts and IG stories). Its not sneakers. Well, I mean, obviously it’s sneakers but it’s something else too. My favourite sneaker pick ups so far in 2018 have not been for me. It’s been the sneakers I pick up for other people. My favourite sneaker experiences haven’t been finally getting ahold of a grail, it’s been meeting and connecting and sharing experiences with other sneaker heads.

That brings me to hypeless. The blog content isn’t going to change substantially but I think that the ethos of the name better reflects what I have going on here. It also allows me to bring in other guest writers sometimes.

Community over everything

Community over hype

We all eat together

Hype less.


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