2017: Year in review

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to recap my “best of” 2017 in sneakers. The problem is that I just love everything I bought. I don’t buy sneakers I don’t love! How on earth am I going to pick a top 3 (or top 5, or top 10)? Totally impossible.

Instead I have created 5 categories of my own that will pretty much allow me to name every model and colourway (new and old) that I love and appreciate (and bought in 2017). The categories are completely non-standard but its my blog and my prerogative. Today I will be just posting the categories, but before the end of the year you can expect 5 irregularly spaced and randomly timed posts reviewing all my faves (again; my blog, my prerogative). All pics in this post may or may not appear as my top sneakers (mostly because I won’t actually make final decisions until the day I post).

The categories:

Best retroed sneaker: An older model that had a strong showing in 2017, either with original colourways, or new colourways or with slightly updated materials. Will consist of all sneakers actually released in 2017.

Best collaboration: A sneaker or set of sneakers in collaboration with a designer or sneaker outlet. Could include something like Consortium Adidas for instance. Might include new or retro models.

Best new sneaker: A net-new model released in 2017. May include older models with significantly updated materials at my discretion.

Best older sneaker I acquired: In 2017 I focused a lot on buying older models I missed out on the first time. They have to make my list because they are new to my collection and generally mean a lot to me.

Best of Nike/Adidas/Jordan: Which single sneaker (model + colourway) was my fave purchase from each brand? This is BY FAR the hardest category, so obviously it will go last. I expect to be changing this up to the last minute.

Looking forward to lots of discussion on IG for these posts (@hardie_girl). I know that I like a lot of things that other people don’t and I hope I can convince some of you to give some of the weirder choices a chance!

Note: my number one, and very realistic, fear is that I make a pickup that should go on one of these lists after the post goes live. If that happens enough, I will make a final category called, “Best of the last 2 weeks of December”.