December 2017: What I am excited about

November almost killed me. Has there ever been a month like that in terms of the sheer number of solid sneakers dropping? I hope that December offers a bit of a break for me and my wallet. But… here are the things I am most excited about!


1. Nike Air Max 97 Country pack. I want any or all of them. I love Air Max, I love camo sneakers and I love country packs. Best case scenario is that Laize and I each get one so we can match (so cute lol).


2. Nike AF-100 Travis Scott. I think this might be the best of the AF-100 pack? I like gimmicks so the changeable swooshes are obviously right up my alley.


3. Jordan 1 “Art Basel”. I actually like both of them but I think they will be difficult to get (at least right now). Fingers crossed that they see a wider release in 2018.


4. Nike Lebron 15 KITH. These are so good that they made @laizey_bones – the world’s biggest Lebron hater – want a pair. December is just a rumour right now but I hope it’s true.

This list is pretty short and it needs to stay this way if the rumours I have heard about what is in store for early 2018 are true. I advise everyone to take it easy, be choosy with what you buy because there is just way too much coming out to get it all.