Running Diary: September 2017

I haven’t stopped running! I just stopped updating on a weekly basis. As running becomes more of a habit, it feels a little unnecessary to update so frequently on what was meant to be a sneaker focused blog.

I also really hit a wall (figuratively) and had a couple of running setbacks. The week after I ran 5K for the second time, I started experiencing some fairly significant pain in my calf. It happened while running (so I stopped), and then continued the next day, which was new. I googled and read everything I could about treating the pain and preventing serious injury and learned that the best thing to do was to rest. I’m sure everyone who has ever started any sort of training program can sympathize with how I felt about not running. It felt bad. I decided to dedicate myself to getting stronger and better without further injury with the same energy I put into starting running in the first place.


Very foggy view. Not as inspiring as the previous pic!

First I bought compression leggings. Then I spent the evening (and the next two evenings) with my legs up, on ice, wearing the leggings. My calfs felt so much better! I knew from my reading that the worst thing I could do would be to start running at any distance or speed. Instead I ran very very slowly, for very short distances, interspersed with stretching and walking. I stopped at the barest hint of strain. I kept this up for a full two weeks before I was back to running more than 3K at a time. It was frustrating but gave me time to concentrate on running with better form and focus.


Still loving these running shoes

When I start something, I tend to jump in full force, with all my focus and determination. I also really enjoy being successful, achieving new goals and meeting my own high standards. All of that kind of worked against me when starting running. I’m glad that I listened to my body and pulled back before I really hurt myself.

Now I am back to running about 4K on the average weeknight and last Sunday I ran 6K – my longest distance yet! This time though I stopped and stretched when I felt like I needed to, I ran slower when I felt like I needed to and I even stopped to enjoy they beautiful foggy view of the skyline, just because.

I’m still loving running. I can’t wait to (safely) achieve my goal of 10K before the snow falls.