How I got so many awesome sneakers Part II

In Part 1, I covered raffles, research and community. There are at least three more things you can do to help get more awesome sneakers.

Bape NMD Sneaker

Bape NMD courtesy of @laizey_bones (I took this pic. You can tell because it kinda sucks)

Money & Speed

So I talked a lot about how much time it takes and I think that is something that other blogs have also covered. But I’m not sure people really like to talk about the money part. I’m not talking about the overall budget (I never want to talk about that), but the idea that you need to have some budget ready to take advantage when an opportunity comes along.

Sometimes you are going to see a sneaker you really want, at a price you are willing to pay, and you are going to need to make a very quick decision. Two sneakers came my way specifically because I was able to move quickly. One is my Air Max 1 Atmos Desert Camo (thanks to @size7) and the other is @laizey_bones Adidas NMD Bape (thanks to @hotboxto). Both were crazy good prices on sneakers we weren’t likely to see again.

Yeezy Zebra

Yeezy Boosts in front of my not at all over the top sneaker display. Photo from @laizey_bones


This is beyond just the raffle luck (as discussed, I have none). I do have a pair of Yeezy Zebras, and I did (well, @laizey_bones did), pay exactly $1 for them. Remember that StockX raffle in Toronto? Well, she won. She claims it is because she kept her hands warm so she was faster than everyone but lets be real… it was pure luck. Maybe all the other advice really just boils down to this: if you give yourself a chance to be lucky, you might get lucky.


Got these for a fair price because the seller knew I was going to wear them


Sometimes when I post things about how lucky I am that people are willing to help me out, I get really aggressive responses. People say that I only get helped out because I am a woman, or because I have some Instagram followers or because I have a plug. In my experience, the main reason people help me out is because I have a reputation for always wearing my sneakers. No one wants to give a good price or help out someone who is just going to turn right around and sell the sneakers to make a profit. You do you if you want to be a reseller, but don’t complain that people don’t ever help you out. As with everything – you get out what you put in.

That covers my top tips for copping sneakers. Let me know what you think!