SoleExchange Ultimate Sneaker Show Toronto

This past weekend was the Sole Exchange Ultimate Sneaker Show Toronto. As a special guest, I brought my favourite sneakers, worked hard on a display and secured some artwork to make sure my table was a little different.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.01.33 PM.png

Flyer for the Toronto show

Before I get into the top 5 reasons why you need to attend SoleExchange when it comes to your city, I want to talk about why I was there. Throughout the day the question I answered most frequently (after “how much is this?”) was, “why are you here if you aren’t selling anything”? People expressed a lot of confusion – what possible reason could I have for going to the trouble of setting up a table full of sneakers if I wasn’t there to sell them? Was I just showing off? Short answer… yes, of course! Surprise! Someone who stages semi-elaborate photo shoots of their sneakers for Instagram wants to show off those sneakers!


My table at the show

The longer answer is both more, and less, complicated. What it really boils down to is that I love sneakers. I love owning them, I love wearing them, I love looking at them, I love reading about them, I love buying them. Most of all though, I love talking about sneakers with other people who love them. I think any hobby is the same – thats why they all have conventions and conferences. When I set up a table and bring all my sneakers in to stand behind them for 6 hours, its because I want the shoes to spark interest in people. So we have something to talk about and so we can share our passion.


One of my all time grails (Air Max 95 Animals) at the East Coast Kicks table. Not my size 😦

My favourite parts of Saturday was when someone was really excited to hold the KAWS 4 in hand, or to see all the Atmos Air Maxes in one spot, or to see the Tinker signature on the inside of the Atmos Elephants. I know I was pumped to see people wearing the HyperAdapts and CLOT Vapor Max – both of which I have never seen in person before.


Really wanted these Acronym Prestos at the TSX table but they also were’t my size.

So why should you go to Sole Exchange when it comes to your city:

  1. You might get to see one of your grails
  2. There can be really solid deals on sneakers you are looking for
  3. You can probably sell those old sneakers you thought you wanted but are now just taking up space (if you price them right)
  4. You support your local community – Sole Exchange is Canadian and they give a lot back to home-grown brands and retailers
  5. You get to talk to other people who love sneakers as much as you do

The next events are September 23 in Vancouver, September 30 in Halifax and October 28 in Montreal. More info at: The Ultimate Sneaker Show