What I am excited about: September 2017

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary: I missed out on these earlier this year and feel like it is pretty much mandatory for a fan of AM1s to own these. Going to try again!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.46.19 AM

Pic from End Clothing

Nike Air Max 97 x Skepta: Love the Air Max 97 and really love this colourway. The inspiration comes from Marrakesh – one of my favourite cities.


Pic from Nike.com

Air Jordan 1 Flyknit: Super interested to see this in person. It could go either way for me. Getting a look at the special box might be putting it over the top – I am a sucker for packaging!


Pic from Sneaker News

Adidas x Hender Scheme NMD: So I am almost definitely not buying this… but I love it. I read a lot of people saying that it is stupid to buy an NMD for $1000 with no boost… that is EXACTLY why I like it! It is ridiculous


So pretty. Feel like it will yellow pretty badly but it will be so good before it does!

Nike x UNDFTD Air Max 97: I didn’t love the black one… for some reason I never end up loving sneakers with a black midsole (Air Max 1 Masters and Jordan x OVO 12 are the only exceptions). But then. The white one. This one I like!