Running Diary: Interview with another new runner

Instead of another post chronicling my running progress, I thought I would do something a little different.

One of my colleagues, Laura, is also a new runner, 12 weeks in to a running program with Nike Canada and Faze magazine.  I am impressed with her progress in such a short time so I decided to interview her!

How did you get involved in this program?

I put out a vlog on my YouTube channel about my experiences with melanoma earlier this year. Then someone from Nike reached out to me and asked if I was interested in getting involved in a running program with other women who had experienced melanoma.

What was your reaction?

I was super interested because I like Nike and Faze magazine and I was like, “yo! This is sick!” I was also terrified because I am not really into fitness. They gave me the options of a 5K, a half marathon and a full marathon. After talking to a friend who said I could totally do a half marathon I decided to go for it. I said it really quickly before I could change my mind.

What is your fitness background? Had you ever run before?

I had run for the bus!

When I was a kid I did track in middle school, like everyone else and was involved in competitive dance during high school. Later on I would go to the gym sometimes with my roommate. I was always more into the arts.


Thats a LOT of gear!


How did you feel for the first run?

I was really worried everyone would be a really good runner. Our first run was 3K! But the advice the Nike coach gave was really helpful. She said that she didn’t care how much of the 3K we ran, as long as we were on our feet for the whole thing. That made it less intimidating. I did lots of walking but I completed it.

Where are you now?


We are on week 12, just over halfway.

What was the hardest thing you have done so far?

The hardest thing was this one 8k run. At that point it was the longest run we had done so far. It was really hard! I think lots of it was in my head but it was also so hot out and humid. It made it hard to breathe. But I completed it and so did everyone else.

And what is the most surprising thing?

The distance! I have run 14k twice now and that’s insane to me. 3k was terrifying at the beginning and now that’s a nice little run.

So, are you a runner now?

I don’t know! I think so? Maybe? It’s nice having the team for commitment so it will be interesting to see what happens when I am on my own. I think I will keep it up.

Do you use the Nike+ RunClub app?

Yes! I love it! My favourite part is seeing where in the run you were at a good pace. I also like adding friends so it makes it a good competition.


Gotta show the sneakers.


Which of the shoes is your favourite?

I like the Nike Free RN Flyknit because they are so light. They are best for shorter runs under 8k.

Thanks to Laura for this interview. You can follow her progress on her YouTube channel.