Running Diary. Week 1

So. I this week I tried something I have never really done before; running, outdoors, in public. Before we get to my feelings on this experience, let’s take it back to the beginning.

As a kid I was pretty sickly. I had bad asthma and terrible allergies and this really impacted my lungs. As a result I was excused from most gym classes and definitely from the ones that involved any sort of running. Instead I swam competitively – something my mum thought would be good for my lung capacity. Swimming also involved some ‘deck work’ – body weight exercises – and some lifting. I obviously didn’t participate in any running.

A few years ago I started getting more serious about being fit and found out that I really like HIIT workouts. I do them several times a week and have done so for years now. I also incorporate lifting (not too heavy, but not ‘toning’ either). All this is to demonstrate that I am a reasonably fit person who should have no problem with something like a 15 minute run! I definitely don’t have the excuse of needing new shoes…


Gotta start somewhere!


I decided that the only thing stopping me from being a ‘runner’ was me. My first step was looking at the Nike Run Club app and setting up a plan. I choose to go for something oriented towards beginners because I have literally never, not once, gone for anything resembling a ‘run’. Once the plan was set up I promptly ignored it for a week.


Me running.

But! Monday night I decided I could do it. I got ready and headed outside. Luckily @laizey_bones was there to support me (she has run lots of course). I made her walk for a bit and then…. I ran. Just for a few minutes at a time, and I interspersed a little (a lot of) walking, but I did it!


These cheevies feel a long way away for me right now.

Thursday I did it again. For even longer! I can’t say that it felt amazing while doing it, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought (isn’t that always the way?). I walked a lot less and ran a lot more. I love having all the achievements in the Nike Run Club app, as I am VERY achievement motivated. I know its going to be hard once I am out of the beginner stage and making new personal bests becomes less automatic. For now though, they are extremely helpful and I actually decided to set a goal for the next run; 3K.

Saturday I went out and ate a ton of noodles at Momofuku and walked around the city. It added up to about 10K and I wondered if I was going to feel ok going for a run. I decided to try it anyway and set out to achieve my 3K goal. I think being fairly physically fit and used to walking is paying off because the run was not too bad at all… on my legs. My cardio clearly needs some work! I made the 3K and had my fastest 1K yet.


Feels good.

Today (Sunday) I really started to feel the effects of so much walking yesterday. It was not a fun run but I did it anyway. I realize that I need to take it a bit easier and resist the urge to push myself to do more each time. This coming week the goals are consistency and adding in more HIIT (my fave).

I am going to try to make this a habit. Now that I have put this in my blog I almost have to? Wouldn’t want to disappoint my 10s of readers.