Trip Report: NYC Day 4

This post will be much shorter than the first three, because we spent almost the entire morning having brunch… but we did manage to accomplish some non-brunch things today.


Atmos at Oculus

We wanted to be a bit touristy so went down to look at the new Oculus building. It is really cool from the outside and the inside – a good place for sneaker pics. This was a quick stop and we immediately walked over to the ferry docks. We had to walk quickly because it didn’t occur to me till half way there to check the timing of the ferry. We made it with about 2 minutes to spare.


Skyline views

It was a beautiful ride out to Staten Island and back, great views of the city skyline and the Statue of Liberty. I thought this would be a great place for more sneaker shots but there was an unforeseen railing that got in the way. On the way back though, we found a place to get a relatively clean shot. This is what we do with our days.


Near miss at the Big 3

We headed out to Brooklyn next. The Big 3 tournament had its first game today at Barcley’s Center and we tried so hard to get tickets. I just couldn’t face spending the equivalent of $320 Canadian for this though, no matter how much we wanted to see AI. The scalpers out front didn’t have any deals so we just kept walking. (Note: this turned out to be incredibly lucky as we found out when we landed that the Big 3 was terrible. I would have been so pressed if we spend $$$ on seeing AI for 5 minutes).


More KITH treats

KITH Brooklyn was just down the street so we stopped in to check it out. The sales associate was wearing Duck Camo Air Max 1 and was pumped to see us in our Atmos Air Maxes (Elephants and Tiger Camos). I grabbed a KITH t-shirt and the associate showed as this dope peach colourway but wouldn’t sell it to us till tomorrow. I wish he hadn’t shown us!


Atmos at KITH

Another subway ride to get Korean near our hotel. NYC Pride is happening this weekend, about a block from the hotel so we walked over. The parade seems quieter than Toronto, fewer crowds and the floats/marchers were not moving for the entire 15 minutes we were there. Still, there is always something about watching my  queer family be so relaxed and themselves that gets to me a little. I liked the dancing/marching band best. Sneaker of the day was the Nike Be True racer Рsaw at least 10 pairs in the time we were watching. Lots of the Be True shirts and socks as well.



So, Pride was cool… but the road closures made the airport trip a bit of a challenge! We skipped all the traffic and took the subway instead. Made it to La Guardia after a very very expensive Uber… but the important thing is that we made it. And because Toronto is such a small town in so many ways, we ran into someone we know on the flight. Of course!