Trip Report: NYC Day 3

A slooooooow start to Day 3 as we focused on trying to win some online Yeezy raffles and the daily Hamilton raffle. Its tricky being in NYC and trying to buy from Canadian stores – the site kicked us out and we can’t buy from because we only have Canadian credit cards. Good thing we both already have Zebras. We are just trying for more to help out the people we know who haven’t managed to cop yet. Getting sneakers works best as a team effort, sharing the love when you have good fortune instead of reselling for inflated prices. BTW, we took Ls on every raffle and online sale this morning. Including Hamilton.


This very quickly turned into an L

Before swinging by the Adidas store on 5th Ave, I wanted to check out Dover Street Market. 7 floors of clothes and sneakers and accessories I want and have to pass on. I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t get everything! Sales staff are great, friendly and helpful too.


Adidas success!

Now, the moment of truth, will @laizey_bones Canadian ID be good enough for our pick up at Adidas? Getting to the store, there is a medium sized line, totally under control and moving quickly. Our barcode and ID are checked multiple times before getting to the cash line up where we are asked to confirm birthdate and checked off on another hard-copy list….The Canadian ID works fine and this is an easy pick-up!

Outside the store we see at least three transactions between resellers with multiple bags from Footlocker/Champs/Footaction and Adidas. Overall, this was so much easier and less painful than the process in Toronto – not just because we took a W. Remember, we took 5 Ls on similar apps yesterday.


Jolibee and @laizey_bones… separated at birth?

For lunch, we headed out to Queens to go to Jolibee. @laizey_bones really loves Jolibee… like, a lot. She was dreaming of Jolibee for months and it was one of the non-negotiable stops on this trip. Good thing I also love Jolibee (although they don’t have cheesy fries at the Queens location, which is a little disappointing).


One of everything please!

I got 2 piece ChickenJoy and rice with extra gravy + Peach Mango pie + Halo Halo. Red Ribbon was only a block away so we also got ube ensaymada for merienda later. I almost fell asleep on the 7 train back to Manhattan. I ate my weight in Jolibee.


Lots of intensity at the Footlocker for the Yeezy launch

Back in Manhattan and on our way back to the hotel, we pass by the Footlocker flagship. At this point it is about 3:30pm. There are probably 150 people hanging around outside, many of them with shopping bags full of Yeezys. I don’t totally get what is happening because I thought the app took care of everything? Even the unsold pairs are put onto a waitlist through the app. It might just be people meeting their buyers and trying to sell their extra pairs. We only watched from across the street because it was a little crazy and we were both wearing Zebras, AND carrying another pair.

We chatted to a couple of dudes who work at Adidas about what was happening and they took pics of our sneakers (theme of the trip). On our way to Footaction to look at the Flight 23 again we passed a whole lot of police with very big guns. Intense.


Just a few sneakers. Nothing too much. No big deal.

I think we may have overdone it with the walking yesterday because we were both totally wiped out once back at the hotel. I played a little luggage Tetris to try and fit all my new shoes into carryon. Its maybe a little squashed but ultimately successful (as long as I forget about the boxes).


Cocktails at Cafe China

Our choice for dinner was Cafe China – close to the hotel, with a Michelin star. Long wait to get a table but worth it when we were drinking our cocktails and eating spicy dan dan noodles. As a lady at a table near us left to leave, the hostess commented on her sneakers (Vapor Max Day to Night collection, blue colourway). The hostess ran to get her phone and show off her Vapor Max (day to night, lilac colourway). We jumped in to talk about how much we love Vapor Max and showed them a pic of our Be Trues. Two conclusions:

  1. sneakers are such a great way to meet people
  2. Vapor Max are starting to make waves. Yes, we saw a lot of Boost (this was a Yeezy launch weekend after all) but sales associates at Dover Street Market, servers at the best restaurants, stylish kids on the street… they were all wearing Vapor Max

One more day to go, one more post to go – stay tuned later this week for Part 4!