Canadian streetwear series: OneMeth Goods & Faded

Last night we attended the opening party for the new OneMeth Goods/Faded retail & collaboration space and I learned some hard personal lessons.


Dope space.

Lesson 1: Questions will be asked if you have a shared Google calendar and you list an event as “MethLab”.

Lesson 2: Attending a streetwear event while on a cop freeze is an exercise in willpower that I don’t want to repeat.


OneMeth Goods; streetwear and partner brands

The MethLab space is a new concept from agency OneMethod. It provides a collaboration space and small retail environment for the main clothing lines OneMeth Goods and Faded. Other streetwear adjacent brands like Stance (socks) and Jason Markk are also included.


Partner brands and the basketball @laizey_bones wanted

The space is was developed as a showcase for creative culture and clothes that bring together attention to detail, comfort and function.

The clothes themselves are elevated basics; neutral in terms of colour palette, well constructed and designed and not flashy or over the top. They have lots of the kind of little details that I am looking for in my streetwear. Sizes are all in men’s but the small is fine for women if you want an oversized look; this made @laizey_bones super happy. So often there is nothing for her and she leaves disappointed but she had lots of options here.


Excuse the TERRIBLE pic quality! These snapbacks are awesome and I wanted to include them in the post. This is what happens when I have to rely on my own pics

All of this combined to make our visit to the OneMeth Goods space so difficult. I am on a self-imposed buying freeze till the end June and the OneMeth and Faded gear is all the kind of stuff I like to wear. I exercised extreme self-control and bought nothing last night but found myself on their websites this morning adding shirts and sweaters to my cart.

Check out both OneMeth Goods & Faded online or their collaboration space if you are in Toronto