WSIWT: July 8, 2017

What did I wear today: WishATL x Adidas SL Loop

Why did I wear them: As part of my recent urge to diversify what I wear and take pics of. I wanted these so badly when they first got released, got up early to grab them online from Wish ATL and everything. They are a perfect example of a sneaker that is not a hyped model (the SL Loop) that looks great – a solid concept and strong execution. Like, its cool if you know about the US $2 bill and it’s history with Atlanta, but if you don’t the sneaker still just looks great.

How do I feel about it:┬áThe SL Loop very comfortable. It was a well priced model but for the most part, the colourways were pretty weak… and then Boost just took over and NO ONE was buying SL Loops. Too bad. Its a nice silhouette and a solid shoe. Maybe I should pull these out again for July 4?