Converse x Undefeated

When we ordered our sneakers from Converse Canada late on Tuesday night we really weren’t expecting to get them till maaaaybe today (Friday). They arrived yesterday morning! That is like 24 hour shipping. My American friends might find that to be par for the course but for Canadians this is outstanding. I have had packages take two weeks to arrive.

On to the actual sneakers…

IMG_4265 (1).JPG

@laizey_bones put these on immediately and I could hear her behind me singing “straight to feet, straight to feet’ 

@laizey_bones loves her Pro Leather LP Low Tops. They are perfect for the summer and extra comfortable because they have that Lunarlon insole. If you have been avoiding Cons due to memories of discomfort it might be time to reconsider. So many of their sneakers have updated technology that make them much easier to wear than you remember.


Look at that soft suede.

I got the Converse x Undefeated One Star (like every other sneaker blogger in the city I think). The suede is really nice and the little details from Undefeated make these a strong choice that stays true to the Converse sensibility. Of course they are all sold out now BUT if you are into collabs you can still pick up the Fragments or the Carhartts. Both are very much still iconically Converse but with details that make them special


Converse sent us a package announcing the launch of online shopping and including coupon codes for complimentary sneakers