Pick up stories: Nike VaporMax BeTrue

Date: June 1, 2017   Method: In person lineup   Total wait time: 1.5 hours

I knew I wanted these from the first time I saw the pic of that multi-coloured sole. I know a lot of you feel the same way because I got A LOT of messages about these! Some quotes from the DMs:

“These go so hard”

“I legit can’t wait… They’re just so so nice”


I took a chance and passed on waking up at 3am to cop on Nike.ca because I wanted them in hand as soon as I could get them. I couldn’t even wait on shipping!


Glamour shot. Photo from @laizey_bones

Went to the mall super early. Like way too early. Embarrassingly early. I was the first one there by at least 45 minutes. Oh well! Better to be 45 minutes early than miss your size. And I had no idea how many people wanted them or how many were even available. And I was really excited to get these. Met up with a friend (shout out to @sgo8!) so at least I had company besides mall employees and commuters.

Finally actually lined up around 9:20 and got into the store right at 10. By this time it got kind of busy – there were 8 drops that morning in men’s and women’s sizing and the staff was a little overwhelmed. People kept on arriving and boxes began making their way out of the back room.


Rainbow sole!

I got my pair, checked that it was my size and beelined back to work. I had to wait to put them on foot till we took pics of that awesome sole later in the day and that wait was killing me.


Rare picture that includes my face. Photo from @laizey_bones

These are my first VaporMax and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get some. They are as good as people say, comfortable and look amazing. These are perfect summer shoes for me and I will have to try not to wear them every day for the next week.