Jordan 306 Yonge


Jordan Toronto

The Jordan store in Toronto opens tomorrow.  Why is a retail store opening even important? Why are so many people excited and writing about and lining up all weekend? Why have I received emails and DMs and texts from people I didn’t even know like sneakers asking me if I know about it?

Jordan Toronto

Because this is more than a store. I know what Jordan is doing is all marketing, but their are lots of ways to market and what they have done is make a deliberate choice. They have chosen to become part of the community – using Toronto artists, connecting with real sneakerheads and giving them opportunities and contributing something back.

Toronto Artist Bryan Espiritu

The store is full of small details that demonstrate the efforts Jordan has gone to so that they are integrated into the fabric of the city. The store isn’t just a Jordan store, it is a synthesis of the best the brand has to offer with the best of Toronto in 2017.  Its the little touches like the scoreboard from Henry Carr and the use of artists like @jayscale and @bryanespiritu combined with the now standard features like the full set of Js 1-31 (standard but still mind-blowing).

Jordan Basketball toronto

Not every brand does this. Jordan is something special and this store is something special.


Honestly, the only downside of the store was when @laizey_bones couldn’t find a windbreaker to customize in her size and I had to promise to pick her something from Unique Hype when we are in NYC instead.

The Jordan store is located at 306 Yonge St. in Toronto and opens tomorrow morning (May 27) at 6:23 am.