How to take great sneaker pics Part I

Like the rest of you, I like looking at pics of sneakers on Instagram. I also like posting my own pictures. Laizey_bones and I try to take pictures that are more than just sneakers, that showcase the city of Toronto too (or wherever we happen to be travelling). We have learned a lot about taking sneaker pics and have a few tips for you. These tips have no info on the following:

  • camera selection
  • lenses
  • lighting
  • editing

In fact, I think we can’t totally call this a photography post at all. Its more about shot selection than anything else! There are lots of other people out there taking amazing pics with lots more technical skill. This is about getting decent shots and having fun.

air max 1 in NOLA

Climbing on a fountain and waiting for people to walk away to get the pic in NOLA

Get over yourself

You are going to look foolish. You are going to get in people’s way. You are going to have to get over it and do it anyway if you want really good pictures. In the Philippines I brought Breds in a dry bag on an island hopping trip and changed out my sneakers 3 times. I am sure that the Spanish tourists thought I was crazy! I think the end result is worth it but thats because this is my hobby.

Jordan 11

Grabbing a quick pic on the way to work

Look down

Keep your eyes peeled for ground level photo opps. Sneaker pics are not at eye level, you have to look down to see something worth shooting a lot of the time. Cool floors, interesting tiles, fallen leaves or flowering trees, weird textures or gardens or snow or puddles or anything on the ground might make a good pic.

Also I am scared of heights and can’t take rooftopping pics so I have to make do with what I can get.


Always bring sneakers

You never know when there is going to be an opportunity to get a great picture. Every time I go anywhere beyond work and home I have an extra pair or two of sneakers. That way I can quickly change out and get twice as many pics. This goes double for travelling. When we went to NOLA last year for the All Star game we brought 8 pairs of sneakers for 2 people for 4 days. Not excessive but really challenging to manage in carry-on.

Stay tuned for Part II dropping soon