What I am excited about: Feb 2018

February is looking EXPENSIVE! The highlight of the month is our trip to LA for NBA All Star weekend – we are bringing our largest suitcase and investigating shipping options to get it all home. Making this list was incredibly difficult, it is a crazy month for sneakers!!!


#1 – Adidas Futurecraft white. I am really interested in checking out the Futurecraft in person. The tech is cool!


#2: Nike x Off-White Vapor Max. I actually like the all white version better than the original version that launched AND I need more Vapor Max in my life.


#3 Jordan x Off-White Jordan. I managed to cop the first one manually so fingers crossed I can do itĀ again!


#4 Jordan WC3 Slam Dunk. Love the concept and love the execution. These seem like they will be a challenge to get but I will give it a shot.


#5 Adidas x Bape Dame 4. Something about these really appeals to me? I do like weird sneakers… they also remind me of the AM1 Warhawks.


#6 Nike x CDG Air Max. Out of all the long-shot sneakers in this post, this is probably the longest shot. I don’t even like pink, but I like these.


#7 Nike Air Max 270. I HAVE to have one of these. The giant air bubble is killer.


#8 Nike Vapor Max Plus. These hybrids just look so weird. I can’t choose a colourway I like best but these white ones go hard.


#9 Adidas NMD Hu. It took me a little while to come around to the Hu and now I am all in.

That might be the longest list of any month since I started doing this blog. Stay tuned on my IG stories to see what I end up managing to cop, how many Ls I take and how many suitcases I fill during All-Star weekend.

All pics via http://www.sneakernews.com