Running Diary: Week 2

Monday was a not-so-good day at work so I abdicated all my fitness obligations and focused instead on watching bad TV and drinking bourbon. It’s all about balance right?

I think that day of rest had a major impact on my Tuesday run though! I felt great, the best I have ever felt (in my entire 1 week running history). On Sunday I noticed that the hoops are set up at the CNE and decided that we should do a combination 3.5K run and a little shooting drill. So we did. I decided that for this run I would go out really slowly and focus on longer stretches of running vs. walking. It totally worked. My time for 1K was terrible but I felt great and know I am building towards something over time.


Action shot

My shooting is also terrible and @laizey_bones had a lot of… constructive feedback on my form. We are all a work in progress right? For the first time in my life I am actually looking forward to going for a run. It feels a little weird but I like it.

A bunch of old friends were in town for various reasons and hanging out with them and drinking on patios was much more important than running, so we missed out on Wednesday and Thursday. That left me free on Friday morning to go for a run. And I did something a little stupid – I neglected my stretching.

All was well for the first 3K, but as I was almost home I felt something tightening in my left calf. I stopped immediately and walked the rest of the way. It was sore for the rest of the day but I focused on stretching and walking it off. I ended up walking a lot and the good news is that my calf feels fine. Lets see how it feels after another 3K run on Saturday.



Saturday’s run was… fine. No calf pain at all and I felt great for the first 1K and actually ran that whole distance without walking, which is pretty remarkable for me. I wasn’t feeling it after about 2.5 K so stopped the run and just walked home. I think thats ok? Gotta do whats right for me I think.


Getting ready to Crush it

Which is why on Sunday I ended up not running! Insert shocked emoji here. I went to sleep firmly believing I would and woke up knowing that I absolutely wouldn’t. Instead I did a Nike Training Club workout called The Complete Crush. It was awesome! I have always loved working out at home and these kind of circuit based workouts are my favourite. It was challenging but not a killer and felt great.


The workout was great. These really sucked though. 


Thats a wrap on Week 2 of my running project. Next week the plan is to hit up the basketball court again and try to do a Tempo run. I am also beginning to think about having a longer-term goal since my short term goal has been achieved (start running).