July 2017: What I am excited about


Holy Sh**. This is the Air Max 1 Paris (W). A bespoke ID. 50 pairs. This is the one thing I NEED this month (try to ignore the fact that there are like 4 more pairs I want listed underneath this). I feel like this is impossible to get from Toronto? I wish I was friends and family 😦


Quai 54 Jordan 1: I don’t always love the Quai 54 sneakers but I like these a lot. I like mismatched sneakers and I think these are really well executed


Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 (Pic from Hypebeast.com)

Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0: I already watched all 4 hours of Nike Craft content in order to prepare for this release (mostly because I can’t count and thought it was releasing more widely in June, not July). I didn’t love the sneakers before I watched all those videos but I do now. Maybe I have been brain washed??? (Note: I saw two people wearing these in NYC and they look better on foot… which only makes the go/no go decision harder).


Clot x Nike Vapor Max

Clot x Nike Vapor Max: Are these the nicest Vapor Max so far? Maybe? I think the Be Trues are my favourite (probably biased because I already bought them). But these are dope… it might be my second Vapor Max. It’s only a matter of time till I get another one!


Nike Air Max 1 Jewel “Carolina”

Nike Air Max 1 Jewel “Carolina”: As with so many Air Maxes, it is only a matter of time till I pick up one of these re-released jewels. Is this the one? So hard to pick…

Short(ish) list this month! Maybe my wallet will get a small break?