Trip Report: NYC Day 1

Heading to NYC for a long weekend for us means a whole lot of sneaker shopping. We hit a LOT of stores over the weekend but also made time for non-sneaker activities. The key to getting it all in is advance planning. Have a list of destinations and addresses and make sure you note down any food you want that is near by. Also be prepared for walking all day.

Using sneaker stores as a framework for visiting a city is a great way to explore different neighbourhoods and meet interesting people. We have done this in Boston, Chicago and Manila and I think it allows us to really get to know places in a different way.

Day 1


Ace Hotel in Midtown. Nice rooms, good food and great coffee.

Our first stop after checking into the hotel (The Ace in Midtown) was to make a few quick check ins to enter Yeezy raffles around Midtown and Times Square. In the States, Footaction, Foot Locker and Champs all have apps that allow you to check in (and get head starts through having platinum status). This is significantly easier than the situation in Toronto where I know people regularly take full days off work and spend them lining up in multiple hour long lines just to enter. Laize also managed to get a quick win off Adidas confirmed. This is her THIRD Zebra win (I am still at 0 for all Yeezys).


Flight 23 at Footaction

Next stop is the subway up to Harlem to check out Atmos. For someone who loves Air Max as much as me, this was just amazing. I saw some grails and talked with the guys at the store – we were wearing the Jordan/Air Max Atmos pack and they were excited to see us and take pics. We were so pumped to be there that we actually forgot to take any pics of our own. Whoops!


@laizey_bones living her dream at Miss Saigon

Then it was back to the hotel and chill before dinner and a show. Miss Saigon was really good and Laize was happy to realize her dream to see Rachel Ann Go on stage. A quick stop to shoot my sneakers in Times Square and Day 1 was a wrap.