Reflecting on the Raptors

I’m sitting here watching Golden State playing the Cavs in the NBA finals and it feels like a good time for reflecting on the whole season.

We were there on Raptors opening day, we were there when it was looking bad, when we signed Ibaka and then Tucker, when we qualified for the playoffs. In New Orleans, for All-Star weekend, we hunted the airport and then the city for DeMar and Kyle’s faces on hotels and billboards. We cheered every Canadian at the rookie game and then even louder during Kyle’s 3 point contest attempt (as ill fated as that turned out to be).


A little light packing.

We were there for game one of the playoffs for the third straight year (even though we swear every year we won’t go to any more game 1s until the Raps prove they can actually win one). We traded hosting viewing parties with Leafs fans and debated line-ups and players with co-workers, family and strangers on the GO Train. We arranged our vacations and our lives around important games for an entire season – we booked our NYC vacation for after the Finals so we wouldn’t miss it if the Raptors made it (a true fan has to be an eternal optimist)!


Raptors 7s on Court at the ACC

We were disappointed in our loss, in how we lost. Of course we were disappointed. But I’m not going to spend time right now dissecting the Raptors and their challenges and difficult choices. We have all summer for that. Instead I am going to listen to the crowd at Oracle arena. Look at their faces. Imagine what it