WSIWT: June 3, 2017

What did I wear: Yeezy Zebra

Why did I wear it: Yesterday I went for a very long walk in my Vapor Max. Today I wanted to do another very long max in Boost so I could compare them. Plus the weather was really bright and sunny and it seemed like a good day for these. I am not precious about my sneakers but I also like to keep them looking good – that means no Yeezy Zebras in the rain or with puddles.

How did I feel about it: Vapor Max is bounce and Boost is cushion. I think it all comes down to preference (like so many things really). I like both but Vapor Max seems to give me more back when I am walking vs. Boost.

Sidenote: Yesterday night I through on my Air Max Zeros to run to the store and the difference between them and the Vapor Max was crazy!!! I never found AMs to be stiff before but the Zeros felt like bricks compared to Vapor Max. If you haven’t tried them, you really need to. They are not like anything I have ever worn.