That means we can shop online for Converse.

In grade 3 all the girls at school were into Converse All Star lows in pretty colours. I desperately wanted to fit in and so begged for a pair of my own. Unfortunately I was not attuned to the delicate nuance of 8 year old girl fashion obsessions and I got Converse One Stars instead (the horror). Thus I damned any chance of joining the social elite at Our Lady of Peace elementary school. Maybe, if online shopping had existed, I could have avoided that fate (is that a stretch? Lets just go with it). Online shopping didn’t exist though and my computer usage looked very much like this:


Actual screengrab of my dream 90s shopping experience. Image courtesy of Converse

Good news! This retro-package from Converse signals the launch of online shopping for Canada. The 8 year olds of today (and everyone else) can now shop for Converse to their heart’s content. Don’t worry, the website is optimized for 2017 standards.


Vivid memories of snapping the metal part back and forth on these discs

More recently, a colleague was interested in the Chuck IIs for women. Remember when they launched and it was super hard to find them in women’s sizing, even in Toronto? I looked everywhere for her, for weeks till finally there was a re-stock somewhere. Now when I recommend Cons to friends they can actually get them easily (and I don’t have to scour the city).

Despite my deep personal trauma associated with Converse One Stars I have my eyes on these:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.30.00 PM.png

Insert heart eyes emoji (Converse x Undefeated)

I know that @laizey_bones has been searching for the perfect windbreaker for months. Maybe this is the one?

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.33.34 PM.png

So nice to see dope women’s stuff (Women’s Blur Nylon Jacket)

There are too many choices here and I haven’t even looked at the men’s section yet. Stay tuned to see what we actually pull the trigger on (maybe those Converse x Fragments? or the Full Leather All Star Highs? Or the Flyknit All Stars?).

Thanks to Converse Canada for this package.