June 2017: What I am excited about

Nike Be True Vapor Max


Nike Vapor Max Be True. Photo from Sneaker News (sneakernews.com)

And not just because (surprise?!?) I’m gay. I have never bought a Pride themed anything in my life. I have been wanting a Vapor Max since the early pics leaked and the only reason I don’t have one yet is because I have been paralyzed by choice. I like them all to much to choose one.

The Be True Vapor Max is perfect though – the multi-colour outsole reminds me of other Air Max grails (cherrywoods and bespokes in particular) and I love navy with black on the upper. I will be lined up bright and early on June 1 even if no one else is because I need this one. The fact that it supports Pride month is a great bonus!

The Nike Vapor Max Day to Night pack

Especially the Glacier Blue colourway.

The Triple Black Vapor Max on June 20 looks hard. This is that paralysis of choice I was talking about.


Glacier-y (Photo from nike.com)

Nike Air Max 1 Jewels

The June 5 return of the Nike Air Max 1 Jewels is a BIG deal in Air Max circles. I don’t think I will be picking these up because I want to see what other Jewel colourways are coming first and I have other sneakers I want more this month… but you never know.


Nike Air Max 1 Jewels. Photo from Sneaker News (sneakernews.com)

Jordan 4 Linen

Jordan 4 Linen

Jordan 4 Linen. Photo from Sneaker News (sneakernews.com)

Bringing back a colourway I have wanted for years and it is GS only, with the remastered GS Jordan 4 shape. The leather looks so good. How am I going to resist this?

Adidas Yeezy Dark Green


Adidas Yeezy Dark Green. Photo from Sneaker News (sneakernews.com)

Do I like this? Not entirely sure but my co-worker wants a pair of Yeezys so badly. We have entered so many raffles with her but small sizes are tough to get in Canada. Fingers crossed we manage to get a W for her this time!


We are going to NYC this month and I am hoping to fill out my Atmos Air Max collection with two purchases. Both are solid sneakers but rarely available in Toronto in my size (and not currently available on either StockX or Goat either). Weirdly, Flight Club and Stadium Goods both have them for not terrible prices (?).

These are what I really have my eye on this month and will probably trump everything else. Probably.


Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.18.53 AM.png

Nike Air Max 90 Atmos Camo. Photo from Flight Club (flightclub.com)

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.18.41 AM.png

Nike Air Max 90 Bleached Denim. Photo from Flight Club (flightclub.com